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February 19, 2009


Sorry boys, show's cancelled...

February 18, 2009

Verdi - Otello

Dude... Otello's right behind you, i know he's a maur, but he's not a ninja! He's right there, turn around!
(Otello - Marius Budoiu, Jago (person holding the handkerchief) - Oleg Ionese, Cassio - Cristian Mogoşan)

(Desdemona - Irina Bălan).

February 17, 2009

Youth jazz

The yet nameless band of 4 musicians (Luiza, Ali, Bucsa & Dumi) performs every Saturday evening in Galeriile Fortuna (Museum Plaza in Cluj-Napoca).
Unfortunately I have no clips to show you, i will try to get some of their music recorded so you can hear, but till then enjoy my pictures! 





Good Luck guys!

February 10, 2009

Update Gramatical

Tăbliţa din stânga se citeşte: "locatar de pe strada Timişului, iq=..."

Pss, nenea, greşeala era mai sus. Mai pune mâna pe ceva bucată de literatură, sau pe ceva cu slove din când în când, că-i bai...