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September 19, 2008


front subject: mjranum.deviantart.com
background also taken from somewhere...
raul captured by me.

this was my original intention - natural background, didn't work well with the subject lighting though... i still like it better because of the texture (L glass bokeh...)


he's impersonating a tall chapel, like the one behind him...


June 15, 2008

Film time. Techin©olo®

People seem to look much more natural on film. I sometimes get really fed up with the digital era. I find that the film is a much more stable medium and gets best color tones and shades. Why am i still shooting digital? Convenience only.

 Petre Sbârcea

Flaviu chatting up some girl
(this frame is straight from film)

Andrei in the dark

Mia - Feleac

May 5, 2008


City of Sion.

Population ~28.000

Picture taken from Château de Tourbillon, in the left of the picture you can (if your monitor is well calibrated) see the Basilique de Valère. This is an awesome part of the city, a hill rising in the middle of it on top of which lies one of the most imposing castles i've ever seen, and at halfway the lovely basilica that guards over all the city.

Aiguille de la Tza

District of Valais, Switzerland. Arolla village, close to the ski track.

March 14, 2008

Day of the dead

Day of remembrance.

Whistler's granddaughter

Whistler depicts his mom in his very famous painting. I had a flash when seeing her sitting down and wearing that dress. Not anything like the great masterpiece... just a homage.


Al 2-lea weekend din Octombrie la jumatatea distantei dintre Cluj-Napoca si Oradea.
Merita vizitat macar odata (ai nevoie cam de o zi intreaga).
Tot timpul apar obieceiuri noi, kitsch-uri, dar cu toate acestea, traditia targului nu isi pierde farmecul, si mai regasesti autenticitate in oamenii care vin aici sa vanda, sa cumpere sau sa viziteze.

My Sin City

Hometown Cluj-Napoca. Just after sunset. Hdr edit.

January 9, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

2008, Absolutely!

Pianos and photographers

Mio taking pictures of Raul and Anda. I like this angle.

Hermanstadt autumn

Fairytale Barn

Feleac, summer of 2007