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December 8, 2010

RANT: Google Search.

The most utilized web application, EVER, sees the end user as a poor blind helpless confused bastard.
It ain't broke, but we're gonna fix that for ya anyway.
Google is becoming a communist super-power.

Yeah you heard me, i sad the very tabu political c-word. And even though it's a bit of a hyperbole, it's not far from the truth. I don't mind the fact that it remembers my searches, where i've been and where i'm going, what accounts do i have, where do i live and how much time i spend online, but please, don't restrict your programs in such a way that you are inconveniencing the end-user.
You do not, i repeat, do NOT need to filter results to show me the ones most relevant to my location, i can add my location to my searches if i want to, but i mostly do NOT browse the web to look at things that are around me, close to where i live. Sometimes i buy stuff from amazon.com, sometimes .de, sometimes, just for the heck of it, i'll look for product value in Spain.

Can I turn off location-based customization?

The customization of search results based on location is an important component of a consistent, high-quality search experience. Therefore, we haven't provided a way to turn off location customization, although we've made it easy for you to set your own location or to customize using a general location as broad as the country that matches your local domain.

Okay, all in all, it is not a bad adjustment to Google Search, but WHY make it permanent and unchangeable? It does bother me a little, it won't screw too much with my browsing of the internet, but ... for crying out loud.... i really don't see the point of making it unchangeable, how much money did you save exactly by doing this? was it really that critical?

Another problem i have with google's irreversibility: I made an email adress, which is kinda childish now that i think about it, it's called "flav.firebird" ... why? because it's inspiring, and that's what an 18 year-old wannabe artist is looking for. I input my real name into an affiliate account (some thing or another related to google at the time) and now i can't register my own name as an email address.
This to me is ridiculous, since that address does not exist, and it cannot be created.
That is seriously messed up, and what's even more annoying is that there's nobody to complain to, it's a free service and therefor there's only FAQ and tutorials, which have answered NOTHING.

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  1. The new auto-finish thing they have really slows down the searches as well. One of those you keep typing and not sure if you typed it all or right because it's still checking 6 letters back for you.