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July 4, 2011

Vote, help me win plane ticket

I recently took this photo, and have submitted it to a competition to win a plane ticket with Blue Air company. Read more below.

I had high expectations because most of the submissions were just snapshots for recollection of a place or "proof" people took of themselves being there. I had hoped for a high score having a half decent urban landscape photograph, but i forgot to factor in the fact that it's a voting competition, and everyone gets all their friends to vote...or... simply, fake votes. Like a gentleman called Rotea Dan who spewed 500 votes over night but was later disqualified.
As it happens they only offer 2 routes: Cluj-Rome or Cluj-Dublin, the later being exactly the route between my current home and my home-country. I hope i get it, because i could really use them...and also i'm actually striving to take good travel photographs, unlike some of the competitors with hundreds of votes.

If you vote i promise i will take a very nice series of photos in Romania!
Please help me in my cause by clicking Voteaza! (which means vote) under my picture, if it pleases you.

Thank You!

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