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August 29, 2011

Deviance is good. An idea about education

Prof. Pi Yijun from China University of Political Science and Law is a professor of "Deviance".
He says: Deviance is about breaking rules, but traditional Chinese society emphasizes rules, there is relatively little space for innovation, that's because the Chinese education system is exam orientated and leaves little chance for Chinese students to develop their creativity and innovation. They spend most of their time reciting lessons.[...] if this system doesn't reform than our economy will not break through the next barrier.*

Makes me feel a bit worthless when i think of how many exams i took in my life, but then i feel good again because i almost didn't study at all :) I'm not advocating myself as any kind of pioneer but i am saying rigid systems that don't emphasize each person's creativity is obsolete.

*Source: BBC program called "Our World: China's Green Revolution".


  1. Having recently seen the documentary, I can only say I completely agree. However, while instilling our children with the ability to be creative, to think outside the box, we must not lose some of the benefits of the current system nowadays: learning the basics of each field to better understand the world.