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October 19, 2010

Canon concept camera with 4096p video

Canon comes up with a new concept. Close to no information is available about it.
I'll start by showing you what they came up with at the World Expo in Shanghai. This is a concept, mind you, and as most concepts, it's presented as being Superman, when in fact it's Batman, and if any mass-produced product will follow, it will be Kick-ass.
Basically, it's a camcorder with a very big zoom, and of course, very good still imaging capabilities. Canon claims it has an infinite depth of field... my guess is that the sensor uses less pixels, using a smaller part of the sensor.
So, sit back and watch the fireworks.

Now, at the Canon Expo 2010, this month, they presented a new concept, more down-to-earth this time. This camera looks more realistic firstly for having an actual L lens they developed for this concept, adapted from video camera lenses, of course. It features a 2/3 inch (9/6mm) sensor - it's very small, but it packs 4096 pixel video according to Canon. It also takes 8 mpixel still images. The professional non-interchangeable lens has a 20x zoom: from the all satisfactory 24mm to the super-telephoto 480mm (35mm equivalent).

Canon's concepts: not MY future of photography
This is all very exciting... one thing bothers me - people who say the process of photography as we know it will be obsolete, that you will be able to capture very high definition video and never snap a shot, just take stills from the footage.
Yes it's convenient, but the process of taking the camera and knowing you only got one shot is what makes you constantly search for perspective, i think just filming everything and later taking stills will make "photographers" lazier.


  1. damn this things looks kickass :D

  2. I agree with your opinion. All the planning involved for just one shot will become a frame from recorded footage.

  3. I like my tiny snap and shoot camera. That's about all I ask for from a camera. Be small. Be portable.

  4. damn stylish cameras!
    and you can download the songs by clicking download on the right hand side of the priview bar on my blog! thanks for the comments!

  5. pretty awesome camera, and blog! gonna follow this! check out my blog some time! :D

  6. very best aparat

  7. Freeze it zoom in sector A7 enhance

  8. Wow looks like an awesome camera.

  9. This is freakin' amazing... when this new generation of equipment comes out, I might have to consider selling off and buying new.

    I wonder if these will still be compatible with EF mount lenses? Please, please, please...

  10. wow what a futuristic lookin camera

  11. 4096p? that is just ridiculous! when is everyone going to stop caring about numbers and start caring about content again?