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October 13, 2010

(a rant) We have a winner! Retarded cake goes to:

That damn lady who came in the internet caffee to print plane tickets and FAILED miserably.
A friend asked me to spot him at his job, as internet caffee admin. I said okay, since he's a very old friend and needs a favor (actually, he's always in need of a favor..).
So i sit for 2 hours to replace this guy... and I'm facing ALL KINDS of idiots. I mean...of course they're "technologically impaired" since they're visiting an internet caffee to browse the internet, even though our broadband coverage is 8th most spread throughout the population(in the EU).
The fact that they don't know much about documents, formats, files and how the internet works does not astound me but when LOGIC fails them, i start to weep for the ignorant human condition (yes, i'm over-dramatizing this, deal with it).
So this lady comes to the server to tell me she needs to print 2 plane tickets she saved on the computer she used. I open the .mht documents (such a bad format to save in, was missing pictures and stuff), they go straight to printing, 7 pages each), i knew something was wrong, but the printing had already started (it went straight to the print dialog and i just had to press ok... which impulsively is hard not to do since everything Should be in order).
I hand her the papers and she says: "my gosh, why are there so many? this is not what i wanted! These are not the tickets i've wanted, something is wrong, why aren't these the tickets i wanted to print?"
She starts raging about it and i'm really keeping my cool, since she is not worth getting my blood-pressure up for. I tell her calm and articulated: these are the documents you have saved for printing, and the print dialog popped-up when i opened them, i just confirmed the printing, you printed them.
She carries on ranting that her prints aren't right and she says "i'm going to pay for these either way" (i was saying in my head "f*ck yeah you are, i'm not paying for your idiocy"). And then, just to shut her stupid ignorant mouth up i told her i'd help her from the server, even though i had 2 clients already waiting for some minor things.
We finally get down to getting those tickets from the Wizzair website...
Basically, she had printed the departure tickets, even though those weren't needed, cause she already had them. And she printed the whole stupid confirmation page with all the ads.
I go to the web check-in on the flight company's website, and she tells me the confirmation code, i type her name, and other information about the flight, and ... surprise... ERROR - things went worse than expected (of course..). She tells me to try another date, as if both flights were somehow magically connected, i tell her something is not right and after 5 minutes of trying again and again, whilst having other clients with a bunch of stuff like xerox copies, printing or just using the internet. She finally gtfo's and i can finally sigh of relief. She did pay for her stupid prints, but gives me that attitude, like i didn't do my best to help her, or it's somehow my fault she didn't get her tickets printed...
20 minutes later... she walks back in (oh crap, my blood pressure is up now... hope she doesn't nag me again about her stupid tickets) by using her brain (or what little she has left from being an annoying ignorant bitch) she manages to get the tickets by calling the person who actually knew all the details of the flight, she even got PDF format!! (WOW! she's somehow done it! I felt like giving her a doggy treat and pat her head: good girl, good girl, you did it!).
By the time she picked up her prints and payed for a second time i left the server, because my friend had arrived from his exam and took back the damned spot of internet caffee admin.
I later said to a very devoted customer i knew: this is the last time I come here. He replies: that's what you said last time, and laughs out loud...
I got to learn how to say no...


  1. Shit sucks man - I work as a manager in a restaurant which offers free wifi; I get stupid people like this all the time who think it's my job to deal with their tech problems and stupidity. makes me /rage

  2. See, in America we take people like that and encourage them to go into politics.