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October 29, 2010

Flight delayed... Fuuuuuuuuu

First my train was an hour late, after sleeping like a russian drunk on very uncomfortable train seats i find myself in the thick fog covered city of Timisoara. Couldn't take the bus because of the train's delay, had to pay ten times more for a taxi. I arrived just in time.
Can't complain about the airport security cause i didn't get any problems, not even as much as a second glance, didn't even take my shoes off (yeey). After wandering like bum through the terminal people finally started queueing for the boarding, just to find out after 15 minutes that the flight was delayed by at least an hour due to weather conditions..like duh, you can't see more than 100 feet in front of you. Now i'm sitting on the airport tile floor, which is surprisingly clean (I think that they make people take their shoes off to clean them inside the x-ray machine lol), all the seats are taken, I wonder where will they fit all these people....
My consolation is that i finally get to see my girlfriend after 2 months of unsatisfactory (due to bad connections) of skype/google/yahoo chats. My reason for not going mad with rage is Beethoven's 6th symphony, and yeah, let's not forget venting trough writting, this helps too.
Now a guy startet playing the harmonica...why didn't they take that from him at the security check? Not only it can be transformed into a lethal weapon (yeah, i can name 10 ways you could kill someone with a harmonica) it's highly disturbing.
Now i'm just picturing him getting hit in the the mouth while playing, lodging the wide instrument into his throat like a scene from tom&jerry.

Can you name 10 ways a harmonica could be lethal?


  1. One way would be through concussion if you keep hiting the victims head with the harmonica. You can cause an internal hemorrhage.

  2. 1. Harmonica lodged in throat (gimme)

    2. Harmonica dropped from great heights onto someone's head.

    3. Harmonica split in two and inside is deadly lethal nerve gas?

    4. Same as 3, but with razors or bullets?

    5. Harmonica shoots lasers instead of sound.

    6. Same as 5 but burning acid.

    7. Each little harmonica section has a dart with some nasty poison.

    8. Harmonica is actually a tiny transformer, and a Deceptacon no less.

    9. Harmonica is made out of cyanide.

    10 Harmonica accidentally plays a note that liquefies brains.

  3. i guess i can really only think of choking on the harmonica