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October 17, 2010

Victor Borge - At piano comedy

Victor Borge is the man who has fist merged comedy with classical music and became famous for doing so in public performances. I don't know his motivation for doing this, maybe danish people are just generally funny, I can tell you though that he was a very very good pianist, he did not do this just to achieve some fame, he could have very well continued to be a concert pianist. He was also a child prodigy, haven given his first recital at 5!
He left Denmark for the states in 1941 (damn nazis!) and didn't speak a word of english, but learned quickly from movies and such. He started doing performances for Bing Crosby, played in a movie with Sinatra and in 1946 he got his own show on NBC.
He carried out performing classically with and conducting some of the world's most renowned orchestras such as Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic and London Philharmonic. Always modest, he felt very honored when he was invited to conduct the Royal Danish Orchestra at the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1992. He died 11 days before his 92nd birthday and left behind a great legacy of laughter and an original genre of comedy.
So here i present you this great playlist that's really worth your time if you know a thing or two about music, and even if you don't know a note or a composer you're guaranteed a chuckle.


I LOL'd, a lot!

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  1. I was introduced to Victor on Electric Company when I was a little kid. He would do his spoken punctuation skits on that show. It was great! glad to see other people appreciate the guy's humor.

    /I tip my hat to you/