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October 6, 2010

mxhost rewards with an iPad

Anyone ever win a free iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac? I don't usually go for this kind of stuff, but having to do some work to enter the competition actually makes my chances bigger, cause people are essentially lazy.
A friend of mine suggested this hosting website that has a competition for winning an iPad. Apparently the winner is going to be picked at random, but it doesn't hurt to participate. I've heard of mxhost before, as a good server to host your website. The romanian-based internet hosting service called mxhost is one of the biggest in the country because of it's low-prices and all-round good reviews. Softpedia forums spoke very highly of it and gave it a pass with flying colors.
"Well sure, that's all fine and dandy for your country, but what about me, i live in Iceland, how does this help me?"
Well my foreign isolated friend, i'll tell you why: you won't find any good hosting where you're at, and i can guarantee if you're hosting a site here it's going to run as smooth as hawk. Not that any other providers of these services won't be as good, but will they be as cheap? -No.
Romania being 6th in the avg. download speed world top and 7th avg. upload speed, according to Speedtest.net, the most reliable internet speed testers.

1st South Korea 34.03 Mb/s
6th Romania 21.42 Mb/s
29th United States 10.28 Mb/s (yes, i did this cliche of adding 'Mmmerica tot he list, sue me!)

1st South Korea 19.49 Mb/s
7th Romania 9.31 Mb/s
28th United States 2.83 Mb/s

Now, i realize, it's not really fair to say that a hosting service company should be judged by how big is the average speed in that country, because home-use internet and hosting websites and ftps are 2 totally different things, but it is a valid point to consider the fact that the competition is big here, and they wouldn't survive in a broadband-rich environment if their services weren't top-notch.
Okay okay, i'm not deluding myself, i know most of my readers are actually Romanians, but it's kinda silly to type all of this in english and not address a wider audience.

So, a few bottom line numbers:
Registration is free for .com, .net, org, etc if you get their hosting.
otherwise it's 10 euros.
30 euros for .ro, or other international .ro (com.ro , org.ro) -regardless of choosing to host with them or not - that's the price of that and there's no going around it.

Basic hosting will cost you about 95 eurocents/month (that adds up to 11.4 Euro/year). That's for Unix-based servers, the if you want Windows on that server it's 30 cents more/month.
You get everything: email, mysql, decent amount of space (750mb), 25 GB monthly traffic, 20 email addresses, etc.
This is very cheap and suited for most websites.

For around 13 euros/month you can get 16 domains hosted, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases, 200GB of monthly traffic and 40GB of storage.

A few high-brow services include VPS hosting - this is a certain type of virtual partitioning of computer resources which are assured to your website, you can get a certain amount of RAM, CPU, etc, kind of like renting a quarter of a server, which only your web content will use and benefit from. These can go anywhere from 19 to 109 euros, depending on what you need.
The other option is renting a server, there's nothing to describe here, you're just renting a really powerful PC connected to a really really fast fail-safe connection. this will set you back from 90 to 260 euro/month.

Visit their website! It's a wonder browsing trough it, it's all very smooth and sophisticated, you kinda like you just jumped into a merc, after driving a '68 chevy over potholes.

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